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Meet Lauren from Sleep Tight Brooklyn

I am the mom of two little girls and live in Brooklyn, NY.  After becoming a mom, I quickly learned the importance of sleep. I made it my mission to get our little one sleeping through the night by the time I went back to work. I knew that I could not do my job well, while also up taking care of our baby at all hours of the night.  I am committed to helping families teach their little ones independent sleep skills from a young age so that the return to work is a tad bit easier.   I want you to be able to enjoy the day to day with your little ones, and not stress about what the night brings. I want you to put your little one down at night and know that they are able to sleep soundly all night long. ​I create a customized sleep plan for your little one and give you all the guidance and support you need, so that you are confident in teaching your little one independent sleep. ​ Teaching your little one how to sleep independently is life changing. It allows you to enjoy your spouse, friends and have some "me" time at the end of the day. Give the gift of sleep to your little one and yourself. Find out more about the services I offer. I can't wait for you to "have the best sleeper ever". 

What My Families Say...

Thank you Lauren for working with my family! I was very wary of doing any kind of sleep training because with my first child, I bedshared and nursed to sleep, but wanted to do it differently with my second child. Lauren worked through my anxieties about sleep training and approached my family and me very gently and gave us a plan that was approachable to work with while coaching my husband and me through the process. With Lauren's confidence and coaching, we were able to get our 6 month old sleeping in her pack and play by herself right from the start. Thank you for giving us the confidence to set up our baby with healthy happy sleep habits!


To say that working with Lauren was a game changer is a complete understatement. Lauren helped my baby sleep better which in turn helped me sleep better. She was patient and easy to talk to about the challenges I wanted to work through and most importantly she was respectful of what I was comfortable with. Lauren came up with a sleep plan that felt doable and mindful of all the things we had discussed. As a single mother, her encouragement, support and confidence in me was invaluable. I am eternally grateful for connecting with Lauren and learning what I did from her and anyone would be lucky. 

to work with her!


I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough. In just two weeks, she transformed my son’s relationship with sleep from a dreaded separation to a predictable and healthy one. We are all finally getting the much needed day rejuvenation we need and 12 hour night sleep we never expected possible. She was patient with us as parents, always available, and guided us through the difficult moments, always respecting our own boundaries in the process. If I had known how successful and not painful this would have been, I would’ve done it months sooner! Thank you Lauren!!!


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